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Joe Jackman

Joe Jackman founded remBrand Sports in 2004, leaving the corporate world to follow his passion; to make authentic, meaningful contributions in helping his high profile clients - professional athletes, elite executives and entrepreneurs - be remembered™.

His distinctive cross-functional leadership perspective and expertise has been acquired by working with 'Fortune 500 Companies' & the 'Big 4 Sports Leagues'.

Joe pioneered and built the revolutionary - National Hockey League's Alumni "Life After Hockey Transition Program" and the NHLPA Breakaway Program for active players (a 6-year exclusive partnership). These experiences give him a hard-to-match Change & Brand Management perspective with unique insights into the Employment Life Cycle of professional athletes and elite executives.

RemBrand Sports' proprietary 'Game of Life' solutions help bridge the gap between great and legendary, by developing a brand that stands the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of success!


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  1. Can the Players' Associations do more?

    by Joe Jackman 09-07-2011 02:20 AM Sports Psychology | Labor | Human Relations | Crisis Management

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    Another NHL Enforcer Found Dead.   
    Fifteen-year NHL defenseman and pugilist Wade Belak, who spent his career with the Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers and recently retired as a Nashville Predator, was found dead on August 31 at the age of 35. Reports indicate that it was a suicide.
    3 NHL Players Dead This 2011 Off-Season
    Belak joins other deceased NHL enforcers Rick Rypien (depression) and Derek Boogaard (pill addiction). Belak, who retired in March, didn't show any signs of similar afflictions. In fact, he seemed to be transitioning well from the life of a professional athlete. He had secured a media role with the Predators and was to appear on Battle of the Blades, a Canadian television reality-show partnering former professional hockey players and figure skaters in competition.
    “The NHLPA Does Nothing To Prepare You”
    Former NHL enforcer and current ESPN broadcaster Matthew Barnaby commented on Twitter, “Nhlpa should do better job of preparing to enter league- and departing it! FACT.“ These deaths are raising questions about the NHL and NHLPA programs aimed at reaching out to active and former players.
    "With what's transpired in the last few months, with the guys that we've lost, it makes us open up our eyes and look at programs and know that once guys are done playing hockey we just don't kick them to the curb," said former NHL player Nick Kypreos in a sportsnet.ca column. “We've got to come closer to the current players and the people who run the league and say: 'Once you're in this fraternity, you're in it for life.'"
    Former NHL enforcer Tyson Nash also Tweeted, "Ur entire life is dedicated to hockey and then one day it's all over and ur kicked to the curb! And the NHLPA does nothing to prepare u."


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  2. Athletes: Everything You Say Matters

    by Joe Jackman 05-18-2011 11:58 PM Marketing | Image Branding | Athlete Career Development | Life After Sports

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    Pittsburgh Steelers Rashard Mendenhall's recent tweets have resulted in athletic apparel maker Champion, terminating the NFL running back's endorsement contract that was to run through 2015.  
    Mendenhall made controversial comments about Osama bin Laden's death using the popular social media tool. He questioned why people would celebrate his death, and also seemed to question whether he was even involved in the September 11th attacks.
    Brand Before You Speak, Tweet, Act
    Some think this was an overreaction by Champion, others agree with the company. Regardless of where you stand, this is not the first time an elite athlete has paid a price for 'off the cuff comments.'
    What you say and how you communicate with fans, media, executives, and the business and sporting communities can make a huge difference in how people respond to you and your brand. What you say can help you/your brand stand apart from others, or as we observed by these unprepared and spontaneous comments, it can haunt you and your brand reputation.


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  3. Athletes, Find a "Life After Sports" PASSION While You Are Playing

    by Joe Jackman 03-29-2011 01:19 AM Coaching | Athlete Services | Life After Sports | Lessons for Athletes

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    Should I Stay or Should I GO?
    Peter Forsberg
    , winner of 2 Stanley Cups, 2 Olympic gold medals, and a former NHL MVP, is the latest athlete to try the "comeback". It lasted 2 games. Like Brett Favre and Michael Jordan before him, this is yet another great player to add to a long list that didn’t need the money and had difficulty knowing when the time was right to retire.
    Why Do Athletes RETIRE & Then Un-Retire?  
    For many of today’s stars that have been fiscally responsible individuals, they will never have to worry about their financial status. So why not go out on top? NHL Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee, Henri Richard, had this to say about retirement, “It was a dream, and everything I dreamed came true. Now my dream is finished. That’s a new life for me. Because what I do now, what I keep on doing is something I never dreamed of.”
    The REALITY of Retirement
    Retirement is a status for which professional players are often ill-prepared for, mentally and emotionally, and a position in life they never dreamt about. Not surprisingly, many world-class athletes mourn the passing of their playing days, the spotlight, locker room camaraderie, a purposeful life, and the structure their work provided.


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  4. The Business Within the Game: How to Out-BRAND the Competition!

    by Joe Jackman 02-07-2011 02:29 AM Sports Business | Marketing | Image Branding

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    A recent New York Times article featured a story on New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who shut down so many receivers that teammates started calling his turf Revis Island, where opposing players were inevitably marooned. Soon after, Mayor Michael Bloomberg jokingly renamed Manhattan Revis Island. Not surprisingly, Revis sought protection for the term “Revis Island.”

    This story illustrates how a growing number of professional athletes are seeking trademark protection for their names, slogans, nicknames and even their catchphrases. This is a good thing. Today’s world-class athletes are becoming more business savvy and brand conscious then ever.
    Personal Branding
    As many former professional athletes continue to struggle in their post-career endeavors – yes even recent millionaire retirees – finding ways to capitalize on what is often a brief playing career and short-lived celebrity brand is essential in maximizing earning potential.



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